How To Use

Mobile Banking will enable you to carry out your Banking Transaction on your Mobile Phone. Mobile Banking operates through Short Messages. So you will first need to activate this function on your mobile phone. If you already activated the Mobile Messaging service, you do not need to do this again. This is a one time activity & has to be done only while activating this service. For more details contact your Cellular Service Provider.


How to Send a Transaction

Key in the key words for the transaction you want using your Mobile Phone and send it to a number designated by Cellular Service Provider. Prefer using upper cases while punching the message. With in a matter seconds, you will get the reply of your transaction on your mobile phone screen as a text messages.

How to Read Replies

In a few seconds after sending message you will hear a beep on your mobile phone, it means that the information you want has arrived. To read the information, go through the menu & select the “Read Messages” option. The message will then appear on your Mobile Phone screen.

Mobile Banking

Bank now puts its Banking Services in the customers pocket. On the move, between rushed chock-o-block, appointments, is another service available to the harried entrepreneur. Mobile Banking comes in as a part of the bank’s initiative to offer multiple channel banking providing convenience for its customers. A versatile multifunctional, free service that is accessible and viewable on the monitor of your mobile phone.


Now Bank has become the first Indian Bank to offer Global Mobilebanking service which, you will be able to avail from not only the city in which you are having cellular service provider, but also from anywhere across India, and the globe.

This facility is available on all the mobile phones irrespective of cellular service provider. The technology works on a push-pull architecture. Pull services are driven by you. Push services are sent out by the bank to you.

For availing this facility all you have to do is to register for Mobile Banking if you are already a customer of Bank , otherwise just open a Saving/Current/Overdraft Account with us, and get yourself registered for Mobile Banking.

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What is “Maestro” ?

Maestro is MasterCard International’s global deposit access program. There are more than 650 million Maestro cards issued across the globe. It is the most secured PIN based, Online Debit Program. Maestro has over 80% market share worldwide and is widely accepted in 73 countries at 5 million Point-of Sale locations (Merchant Establishments).


Cirrus is the world’s largest ATM network. MasterCard International’s Cirrus network is the largest ATM network in India. There are over 800 million Cirrus ATM cards issued and over 5,40,000 ATMs that accept Cirrus cards in all seven continents, including an ATM in Antartica. In India, there are more than 500 ATMs in more than 50 cities accepting Cirrus cards.

Visa is the organisation which offers payment solutions the world over including credit, debit, prepaid and business products. There are more than one billion Visa-branded products in circulation around the world, which are accepted at more than 24 million physical locations in more than 130 countries.

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Debit Card

e-bank combines a Maestro Debit Card and a Cirrus ATM Card which allows access to your account on-line from any of the Bank of Punjab ATM or ATMs displaying the Global “Cirrus” logo or “Swadhan” logo of Swadhan National Network in Mumbai.
The ebank Card also allows you to make purchase at any Merchant Establishments displaying “Maestro” Logo. Each time you use your card a debit is created instantaneously for an amount of cash withdrawn or purchase made. The transactions are carried forward using a secure PIN based program.


Bank has opted for the acquiring of both Visa Electron (Debit Card) and Visa Cards on their ATM as well as POS Terminals.
Note :- Bank is issuing the Maestro/Cirrus Debit Card, and tieup with the Visa is only for the purpose of acquiring. Under acquiring customer’s of any other Bank’s can use their Visa cards on Bank’s network, but Bank’s own eBank card will not be accepted by any Visa Machine.

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A Bank for People and Businesses

At Prosperity we believe that “Real Bankers” and not just a bank make the difference! With this philosophy we have built a bank with 51 banking centers running from Mathis north through Houston and into the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We are a bank committed to providing our customers with quality banking services and products delivered by local bankers with ability and authority. Our customers do not have to wait for an out of state loan committee to approve their loan requests.

We have been around since 1983 and have been publicly traded since 1998. We trade on the NASDAQ under the symbol PRSP. While we are growing rapidly, we always remember that customer service is the difference. This simple and basic statement underpins our product and service development and delivery. Whether you are looking for a loan, a deposit account, or need brokerage or investment management services we can meet your banking needs.

As you look through our Internet Web Site we hope you will develop a sense of who we are. We urge you to come by and visit one of our many Banking Centers and get to know our “Real Bankers”. We’re eager to meet your banking needs.